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A Writing About Writing

Well,I have embarked writing this blog on this very day,having been waiting for so long and willing to start long before.Yet I guess I have also been in need of a stimulant,which appeared in the shape of a dear friend suggesting that I could do more than that.I can’t promise that for now,but I can’t oppose the idea.
What I like about writing a blog is that there are no rules binding you in your style of writing such as how organized it is,whether you draw an outline for it or you specified enough supports and opposing views for let’s say,an argument paper or you give sufficient evidence to make your claim dependable..such and such! I’m going to be dealing with no academic criteria and try to make this blog independent of these specific rules,however not too personal.
A drawback of my writing and most probably will occur too in this blog,is that I tend to forget roughly 70 percent of what I plan to write beforehand.Just as I depict a picture of what I’m  going to say before I begin a conversation with somebody(if it’s a high probability that I’m to speak with that person) and consequently fail to speak a great deal of what’s on my mind along with how I intend to lead the conversation,the same applies for my writings too.The awkward thing is when thoughts hurry into my head encouraging me to record them immediately,the moment I grasp the pen and commence delivering them to paper or to a blank page through keyboard,it doesn’t matter,those *seemingly fresh ideas* step back and leave me all alone except a few trivial ones left to be scribbled. The situation doesn’t change no matter how rapid I act hoping that I won’t lose them this time.Consequently, having learned a lesson from it, I don’t hurry anymore when a bright idea shows up,for it’s bound to run at a gallop sooner or later.
It’s not wrong to say that this disinclined me from producing something.Furthermore,it most definitely caused my writings to be worse for I rarely needed to use dictionary or translate before(maybe it’s because my vocabulary is lessening in amount,which is even more sadder).It didn’t used to take that long(as it is now,sometimes for hours) to reply a friend’s message/e-mail etc. too.I can’t make a good justification regarding the reason of it,but I’m not simply satisfied with it.Aha,there I found one of the reasons of my dissatisfaction, there used to be no one to review my writings and scrutinize them to determine the mark I will get.So, that led me to suppose I was so good at writing,*flying high above ground*,but when the reality struck me hard,the reality being the grading of my lecturer’s,I came to realization that they were not as good as I wished them to be,for surely my mistakes were overflowing and my language not so desirable in regards to others’.However,I haven’t lost my ability to seek for the most excellent as a perfectionist.I still show utmost care over my choice of vocabulary,thanks to a dear teacher who proved the power of words to us.I’m fairly careful to not to use simple words or inappropriate(to the context) and browse synonyms of the words instead.Also, however I can’t claim to be perfect at it, I try to form grammatically correct and complex sentences, without being in the aim of making the comprehension more demanding.
So,that’s the introductory paragraph of my writing journey,hope I’ll gain some readers who can bear with me till the end. 🙂


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