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Supermassive Black Hole

Supermassive Black Hole

Ever wondered how an Insomniac deals with his insanity-like-ill-state..?

First beware of what it is, then how it penetrates into one’s soul…

Insomnia; the state of staying awake for no particular obvious reason for hours when one should actually be wandering in the realm of your night- dreams. Those ~unluckies~ who suffer from it realize by time that it’s better to get up from bed and engage in nocturnal activities, plan strategies of how to spend the night best, at the same time consuming the valuable energy one will be needing throughout the day. One is fully aware of that demoralizing fact, being drained of all of your hope of being sleepy again, all the same s/he knows the moment s/he puts her/his on the pillow, the database of thoughts will begin an action of transferring- but now being erased-  as if they were longing for that moment – to fill a mind which is emptied with great endeavours.

The collection of thoughts, they are the matters that are not resolved, conversations that are not made or made but full of blanks with which should have been filled, past events filled with regrets, future events that may end up in failure, or at best, may turn out to be fantastic – if lucky- fantasizing begins before ending up with a catastrophe! Those dreadful pillows, suck in your fears, worries, expectations, hopes and wishes and transform into a puffy-looking storage, power supply for the dreams to be seen, scripts to be written, dramas to be performed.. All it needs to be done is to attract the attention of the possessor of the head. Yet it doesn’t know that that being is ignorant of the pillow’s witty plans, s/he doesn’t fancy facing with those thoughts alone. So, it thinks s/he’s at war with him, that’s why it keeps plotting, plotting and plotting- boom making ‘em nightmares! Whereas, those who are in good terms with their sweet humps can as well negotiate with them to turn their thoughts into sweet dreams. The moment they put their heads on their pillows or in a few minute’s time, they can step into their fanciful realms. Spending the night in a whimsical state, daytime is awaiting them to be made the best of it. Unlike the unluckies, who are destined to book the room of the pleasant dreams for the daydreams, often occurring, almost sweeping one’s mind off the reality..  

Now you may either pity or sympathize but I’m afraid you’ll never ever fancy to experience it.

It’s a pleasure to know at least Shakespeare did; 

“O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frightened thee..

That thou no more will weigh my eyelids down, And steep my senses in forgetfulness?” 



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